If you’ve been a homeowner for at least 10 years, it is time to start thinking about what is the best time of year for roof replacement. Depending on the type of roof and when was the last time you serviced it, maybe it is time to replace with a new one.

The weather, the temperature, the geographic climate and if there is appointment availability are several reasons that may have an impact on roof replacement. Each season has its pros and cons, however, roofing is a project that can be done any time of the year when taken into by a professional roofing contractor.

When is the best time for roof replacement?

When an emergency occurs, the best time for roofing is mostly determined by the availability of your roofing contractor, your availability, and the unpredictable weather conditions.

Take into consideration that the best time for roof replacement is before it starts causing problems.

Replace a roof in winter

Winter is a difficult period due to weather conditions but roof replacement can be performed as it is usually not the high season for most roofing companies. This time of the year you can find more flexibility for scheduling appointments or an estimate.

Depending on the climate in your Montclair area, cold temperatures and snow can interrupt the roof project several times or prevent sealants from curing. Extreme cold can also make roofing materials more susceptible to cracking.

Some New Jersey areas do not have a traditional winter. Verona, for example, experiences mild winters and seldom sees snow. In that kind of areas, winter is a great time of the year for roof repairs. Trust an experienced roofing contractor that has the ability to prevent or mediate drawbacks.

Replace a roof in spring

Roofing in spring season is a good period of time as things start to warm up. Temperatures aren’t as low as in winter or high as in summer.

Roof problems usually caused in winter are usually found out during spring time. Spring is also a great period of time to schedule your roof repair for no extreme weather are supposed to occur.

However, late spring rain may postpone your roof replacement plans. Any professional roofing company should be prepared to cope with spring weather changes and manage your roof replacement on time, just like in winter time.

Replace a roof in summer

Summer is the most preferred time for roof repair. The warm temperature and the ideal weather conditions make roof replacement during the summer months simpler.

However, if your NJ area experiences extremely hot weather conditions, it’s better to make an appointment with your roofing contractor in September or October. Summer months are likely to be quite a busy period for most companies working on projects like roof repair!

Replace a roof in fall

roof replacement

Fall is the most appropriate season for roof replacement project. With mild temperatures, fall is usually chosen as the best time of the year for roof replacement.

Due to high season demand, making an appointment in fall season is quite tedious. It is better to plan ahead to beat the rush.

Roof replacement for every season

Homeowners should take into account all these pros and cons for each season, and decide by themselves what the best time to install a new roof is.

Gikas is an experienced roofing contractor who knows how to avoid unpredictable weather conditions and can guarantee a quality roof installation.

Always keep in mind that the best time of the year for roof replacement is before serious roofing problems arise.

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