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Roofing is not an easy task. The various materials of covering serves the different specifications that a roof must meet depending on the New Jersey area where you have your property and the requirements of each customer in terms of aesthetics and cost.

Roofing is the most important part of your property’s shelter. It is the cover at the top of a building that provides protection from animals and weather conditions, especially rain and snow, but also heat, wind and sunlight. Roofing indicates the context or structure that supports this coverage.

Covering the top of a building, is used to protect it from rain, snow, sunlight, wind and extreme temperatures. Roofs are made in a wide variety of forms as dictated by technical, economic or even aesthetic factors. West Caldwell Roofers construct roofs of high standards that meet the requirements of our customers in New Jersey. Having experience in the construction and roof repair in various ways of coverage, we propose solutions according to the needs of each property in order to have a long-term satisfactory result.

Roof repair and new loft construction

Are you planning to reconstruct or repair your roof and want to create a loft as the family grows and you need more space? Ask West Caldwell Roofers for a free estimate and design your dreamy loft with the most experienced West Caldwell Roofers in New Jersey.

Wooden loft

A good idea is to line the interior of your loft with wood. Put light wooden furniture and light fabrics and the result will be a warm place for all hours.

Loft construction in earth tones

Many times the loft ends up being a small room. In this case, do not burden it with bright colors and dark shades. Play with earthy colors and some decorations in more intense tones and the result will be relaxing and stylish.

Loft with a view

A good idea if the house has a nice view, is to replace a wall in the loft with windows. The loft can keep your privacy, because it is far from prying eyes. So you have a room with a perfect view. Another solution is to put on skylights and take advantage of the morning light and the evening sky.

Do you need more ideas for a roof reconstruction adding an attic?

West Caldwell Roofers suggest the following loft options for any house in New Jersey. Check them all and decide which one suits your preference.

  • Attic with roof windows and loft
  • Attic with asphalt cover and 7 windows
  • Roof configuration with tiled roof and canopy
  • Add an attic to a hotel
  • Roof configuration with barbeque
  • Layered tiled roof
  • Roof with copper gutter and circular canopy
  • Addition of a floor with an attic
  • Roof reconstruction

Why choose an attic construction?

The best way to increase the usable area of ​​your house is to replace the eaves roof of the house with an attic. Thus, you can gain one, two or even three additional rooms without taking up extra space in the area and without getting involved in the very time consuming processes of pouring a new foundation and erecting walls. And to learn how to properly build an attic, you must take into account all the stages of its layout, from the calculations to the roofing and finishing of the resulting extra rooms.

For all the work to be successful, first of all, you need to make sure that the existing walls (if the superstructure is built in the old house) are able to withstand the additional load. It will depend on this factor whether it is worth starting such a roofing construction project and if so, in what structure of the roof attic it would be better to stop.

It should be noted that the load on the load-bearing walls will increase significantly – due to the larger number of beams, due to the mass of interior decoration of walls and floors, windows and doors, insulation system, as well as all elements of interior filling of attic rooms. All these factors indicate that you should start with the choice of the optimal design of the attic, with calculations, design and plans for future superstructure. West Caldwell Roofers can give you a free estimate by visiting your property.

Types of attic superstructures

According to the current building codes, an attic is a room under a roof, which has a height from the ceiling to the ridge of at least 2500 mm. If this parameter is less than the specified limit, then the room is considered an ordinary attic.

  • If the vertical shelves that determine the height of the walls of the room have a size of 2500 mm, then the attic space can be considered a complete floor.
  • A semi-attic is called an attic space in which the vertical columns are completely absent or if they have a height of 1500 to 1000 mm.

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Ensure your safety from severe weather conditions by using a specialized craftsman like West Caldwell Roofers for your roof installation or repair. We pay special attention to the waterproofing of your roof throughout the insulation process. Proper waterproofing of the roof will prevent the leaking of water to the interior and the creation of moisture inside the house.

The insulation of the roof and the waterproofing will increase your home’s duration and will save you from damage and repair costs in the future. Ask for a roofing construction or roof repair free estimate or call us at 9738357775 and design your new roof with the new trends together with an architect.

We hope we have given you ideas for converting a roof into an attic. Think about how you want to make the space and West Caldwell Roofers will make your dream come true! For any roofing project, we are here! Post your work completely free of charge in contact form and receive your free estimate from the best professionals West Caldwell Roofers in New Jersey.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your roofing ideas. We look forward to hearing from you, at Gikas Roofing in Montclair, New Jersey.

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