Many people in our days are wondering about the right time to replace your roof. This is a question that relies on different type of things including:

  • The type of roof that our residence have
  • The way we use to maintain it
  • The type of weather in the area of the roof
  • If a roof has damages that has not been fixed

You should not be anxious as we are going to give you the right answers about the time to replace your residence roof. We are going to start by giving an explanation on the life expectancy that your should have. This comes from an average, always taking in thought the type of the materials in it. After, we will presend the different factors that taking role in every roof’s life expectancy and explaining to you what does this mean.

Average Lifespan of a Roof

There are many types of roofs. That means that they also has different expectancy in how long they shoul last . The next thing to do is to present a list with number that indicates an average of the life estimates for every one of them. In either case we are taking considaration of the materials that where used in their building.

Asphalt Shingles

In case of normal circumstances, a shingle roofs made of tab asphalt, will last for a period longer than 15 years, berore facing the need of the replacement. However, in case of a shingle roof made of architectural asphalt, things here are more resilient. This is due to elements and happenning as a result of their design. Here there is the chance of lasting up to 10 years longer than the 3-tab one’s.

Cement Tile Roofing

Talking about clay and  tile roofing, we should inform you that this type is the hardest one that we can fing as an options. here we are talking about a heavy construction, coming with very resilient tiles. In this situation we are gonna need of an extra roof reinforcement. This is going to give us a higher level of protection for every residence.

These are the reasons why a roof made of tiles are very durable over the periods and has a life expectancy that comes between 50 to 90 years.

Slate Roofing

Talking about slate roof’s, we should mension that they are with difference the most endurance roof that a house owner can have. In almost all of the situations, we presume that is going to last for over 100 years.

Wood Shingles

Talking about wood shingles, you should expect to last about 25 to 30 years. Remember that to achieve this, maintenance is required, as it can affect their lifespan. Giving an example, in case you neglect to keep it clear of grease, the moisture is going to trapped inside, causing harm. In case of maintenance, there is a chance to get a lifespan bigger that the one of the 40 years.

Wood Shakes

Wood shakes are thicker than the shingle one’s. So they are more durable against the hard weather and the harassment of the sun. so they are more resistant to factors like UV rays and even harsh weather. These roofs could last for 35 to 40 years.

But once again, a factor to consider is the maintenance. The type of your maintainance affect the lifespan of this type of material.

Metal Roofing

A metal roof is one more resilient choice for the roof of a residence. In this type of roofing we use common metal materials. Among them is steel and also aluminum. The life expectancy of them is about a period of 50 years, before the need of their replacement. There are also other metal roofing meterials that can have a life expectancy of over 100, like minc for example.

Roof Damage That Can Shorten Lifespan

In every case, if we find a damage in our roof, we should proceed fixing it because otherwise it may become bigger in a sudden way. We will give you some examples of common damages, that will drop down the life expectancy of any roof, in case we don’t manage to fix them.

Leaks in your roof

An advanced sign of roof damage is the holes. The one’s that are big enough to see the sunlight through them. These means that you are going to need roof replacement after a short period. Smaller cracks and holes will also let some moisture inside. These things can get worse in a very fast way. If you notice the sunlight through holes in your ceiling or in case of leaks leaks when it rains, it’s surely time to have your roof inspection.

Moisture and Water Stains/Damage

Other things that indicates higher levels of moisture are the water stains. After some time this translates into damage on the deck of the roof or even in the attic. Remember that moisture can leak into and harm the insulation of every attic. So, you should take a look there too. So you may want to check it there, too.

If you notice brown or yellow stains, then there is a big chance for a leak to exists. This is also true for the walls of your residence. The rainwater carries dirts that causing discoloration to the elements. Also other types of debris that are leaking with every way to the elements of your house. In either case, you should fix your roof in case  you notice these signs.


Exterior Damage on your Roof

Some of the roof damages can be seen if someone look form the outters. The once that we notice more are cracked, rotten or missing,  otherwise damaged shingles. Also, remember to always ckeck consistancy, as you should not see weird part on it. By design a roof should have can check for any spot in your roofing that seems weird. Remember that roofs are designed to have a nice and uniform look. If you find a spot that looks kind of strange, it may indicate a shoddy patch job done by an unreliable roofer. You should know bad patch jobs can do more harm than good.

If there is not safe way to view the exterior of your roof, you can check the gutters and ground around your home. If your shingles are damaged, then you should typically find pieces of them in the gutters, or even the ground. You should also remember to check these areas for debris, the one that looks like your chimney. Such damage can expose your roof to the elements, making it more susceptible to a worse damage.



Which is the right time to fix your roof?

Taking a look at the information above, you should know at this moment without having a doupt about how often you should replace it. You just have to consider the life expectancy of all of the different materials that were used in your roof. Then, it is time to check for damages, like the one’s we mensioned above on your roof.

Remember to always have in mind that all of these informations can always be relevant. If you still have questions about the whole procedure, you should call for Gikas Roofing, to have your unique roof inspection.


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