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Roofing renovation is the key to renting a house instantly

With the cost of roofing renovation materials on the rise, several questions and concerns are at the center of a large number of property owners who wish to upgrade the properties they are promoting for sale or rent.

In the end, to what extent does a roofing renovation give value to a house, beyond improving the quality of life of the people who live in it?

Is a roofing renovation an investment that a household will be able to pay off?

What is the state of the housing stock in Montclair and the urban centers today?

The upgrading of existing buildings and houses becomes necessary.

A roofing renovation really can change people’s lives significantly. But it has an equally important impact on the economic value of the property for the owner.

In the coming years – earlier than 2030, a property that does not meet very strict standards of energy consumption and sanitary infrastructure, will be burdened with duties that will make its use almost unprofitable.

Under this condition, the upgrading of existing buildings and houses becomes necessary, thus giving greater value to the property.

“A man can change a space and a space can change a man”.

A key question that concerns many real estate owners is whether the investment of a roofing renovation can be amortized if it is rented or sold. The answer to this question is very relevant, as it is influenced by many different factors.

The region plays a very important role. Renovated apartments in neighborhoods chosen by middle- and high-income tenants can actually command a much higher rent, recouping the investment made in them.

On the contrary, neighborhoods with low rents hardly offer a payback, but we can say with certainty that they give the owner the opportunity for a better deal, while approaching more consistent and stable tenants.

One issue facing tenants and landlords in the real estate buying and selling process is the overall state of the housing stock.

In the areas of New Jersey, we, unfortunately, have a low percentage of modern housing and our city belongs to the category of the most “aged” in the US. The economic recession of our country, in the last ten years, played an important role in this.

Serious problems that should be immediately resolved are the high energy consumption for living inside the houses, the extremely poor quality of the water pipes, and the carcinogenic materials that have been used for their construction.

At the same time, the normal wear and tear that has occurred to the properties significantly affect the aesthetics and peace of mind of the residents within them.

In our time, fortunately, we are allowed to take advantage of leaps in technology and achieve roofing constructions that are safer, more sustainable, and more user-friendly.

Important examples are the use of C50/60 concrete for the first time in houses, which gives the buildings more durability and resistance, the modern mechanical solutions, the reduction of consumption through digital applications, and the connection of apartments with part of green energy even in the center cities.

In this context, we are currently working on the study of entire energy-independent homes, with zero consumption and pollution, and with recycling of all waste within the property, including old roofing materials.

Homes will combine nature with urban living, harness the land to create healthier lifestyles for owners and their families, and use automations that will make technology our ally rather than our prison.

Roofing renovation and financial cycle – buyers

roofing renovation


Another determining factor for the roofing renovation sector, the surplus value that the roofing renovation gives to a property is closely related to the economic cycle in which the real estate market is located and mainly to the medium-long-term prospects of the market.

For example, in renovation periods the comparative advantage of a renovated house and the roof becomes more valuable to the buyer, as in the current period he is faced with uncertainty regarding the number of renovation costs.

More generally, the roofing renovation before renting a house is always a helpful and reinforcing factor for the amount of the final rent as well as the rental period.

In this case, the owner must succeed in solving a not-easy equation: to choose the most “value for money” solutions for an aesthetically good and functional result that is generally acceptable, achieving at the same time containment of roofing renovation costs for a faster payback.

Many choose the new trend that concerns very expensive real estate and is gaining ground in all states of the US. In many of these cases, the buyers due to many professional commitments do not have the time to deal with house and roofing renovations or to coordinate the process, so they choose a property that is turnkey, in some cases also furnished.

Moreover, with the same rationale renovated and upgraded energy properties are at the center of the attention of a large number of foreign buyers as they try to avoid time-consuming and not easily managed the remote house and roofing renovation processes in a foreign country that may not be their permanent residence.

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