Pros and cons of asphault tiles can vary. They are an economical and also aesthetically pleasing way for investing into the roof of your home. When it come to installation, it is light and easy. This makes them a favorite building material for many different homes. Asphalt tiles are impregnated by the use ofasphalt material that is reinforced with a special fiberglass. At the same time they externally covered with mineral grains or tiles. Their use is to protect the materials underneath and aesthetics reasons. But what are the pros and cons of asphalt tiles?

To be honest there is no building material that has only advantages in it’s use. In reality if such one existed, there would no reason for the others to be.  The same goes for asphalt tiles too. Depending on factors like the area where your home is located and the weather in this area, then this choice may is the right for you, or there is a chance of needing something else. We are going to to present you some main factors about asphault tiling, so you have the knownledge to make the right choice when it comes for your residence roof.

Pros and cons of asphault tiles that you should know

It is important to know some certain facts that makes the pros and cons of this product. By this way, you will be in place to have a complete view of whether you should choose them for your residence’s roof or not. Of course, remember that you should always consult an experienced technician before you make your final choice, as it is a very semantic work for your home. Each residence out there is different and has special needs, so it isn’t smart not to take care of your roof as much as it deserves.

They have a very economical purchase price

One of the main advantages of asphalt tiles is the low prices that you can find in the market. Their low prices have made them a choice for roofing, which you can not ignore. Asphalt tiles are usually sold in rolls, or in packages of specific square meters (m2).

However, we suggest that you be skeptical when dealing with extremely low prices. A very low price may prove to be a disadvantage of asphalt tiles, ie their quality may not be the best.

There is a wide variety of roofing options

The most classic colors in asphalt tiles are green, gray and red tile. Of course, every manufacturer can offer something different. From company to company, the shades of colors can be a little different. At the same time, one can offer more colors, such as brown, or blue. This is one of the main advantages of asphalt tiles, because you can always find something that suits your aesthetics.

These tiles are considered quite minimalist in appearance and we like this very much in modern houses with modern aesthetics. There are also different shapes for asphalt tiles, to choose the one that suits you. For example, there are rectangular tiles, but also semicircular ones. As you can see, there is always some color and design to discover.

They are easy to install and light

If you are looking for the biggest disadvantages of asphalt tiles, the degree of difficulty of installation is not one of them. Theoretically, even you can place asphalt tiles on the roof of your house. However, it is advisable to hire a trusted professional for the installation, if you have no experience in roof repairs.

Apart from the fact that it is dangerous to do work at this height, it is also difficult for a beginner to bring the same result as a professional. It would be a pity that the investment of your roof does not have the result you want. Also, you must remember that you need a flat surface of wood, where the asphalt tiles will be nailed. Without the flat surface, the tiles can not be nailed to the roof.

They cover roofs with different slopes

If the roof of your house has a slope of more than 20%, then you can easily install asphalt tiles. If, however, your roof has a slope of less than 20%, these tiles may have a serious disadvantage for you. You see, the conditions for the minimum slope exist, because they affect how easily asphalt tiles can be placed on the roof.

The smaller the slope of the roof, the more difficult the installation by the technician. And of course, the more difficult the installation, the more the disadvantages of asphalt tiles. First, placement is likely to cost more and second, the result may not be the best. In any case, we recommend that you pay close attention to the issue of slope, before choosing materials for roofing.

Pros and cons of asphault tiles

Withstand hot & cold temperatures

Many building materials show reactions, depending on the prevailing climate and especially if there are abrupt changes in temperature. This is not one of the disadvantages of asphalt tiles. In contrast, asphalt tiles look very resistant to excessive heat, but also to extreme cold. At the same time, they are quite waterproof, resistant to rain and high humidity conditions.

So, there is no problem if you live in an area with a lot of rain, or very cold in winter. All you have to do is choose high quality tiles and trust an experienced and reliable technician to install them on the roof. The correct installation, after the corresponding substrate, will bring the quality result that your home needs.

We present you some factors about roof asphault tiles that you should take into consideration to find the pros and cons of asphault tiles. Always remember that your roof is a semantic piece of every residence, so don’t hesitate to call for a pro team. They will help you into taking the right choise.

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