The right time to replace your roof

The right time to replace your roof

Many people in our days are wondering about the right time to replace your roof. This is a question that relies on different type of things including: The type of roof that our residence have The way we use to maintain it The type of weather in the area of the roof If a roof … Read more

Roofing reconstruction of a house into an attic

roofing reconstruction - Gikas Roofing

The arguments of the attic proponents are extra space and a beautiful architectural solution. Opponents of the attic argue that the attic is very difficult to operate and often needs roofing reconstruction. Why is this happening? The reason is insignificant – major violations in the construction of roof insulation. People overlook the fact that every … Read more

5 useful tips for your roof repair

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A roof is always in a house something special and architecturally characterizes a building. However, it is also a part of the building that needs frequent inspection to make sure that you will not have moisture problems inside the house. Depending on how the roof is constructed, we can tell if an inspection needs to … Read more