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Gikas Roofing of Montclair has many years of experience in the field of roofing services, taking over all kind of technical needs of our customers. Our roofing services are performed by certified and experienced Montclair Roofers with many years of experience and high know-how in Montclair and is accompanied by the necessary control sheets and certificates as well as a written guaranteed result!

Montclair Roofing replace and repair roofs in two ways

  1. Work with the entire roof immediately, when both slopes are rebuilt immediately. In this case, a protective frame with an awning is placed over the house.
  2. Work with each slope is done separately, which allows you to reduce labor costs. You do not need to build an awesome awning.

To protect the house from the rain, it is better to choose a material that will allow the couples to go outside, but will not let the rain fall on the surface of the house, which was left roofless. Proper installation of this protection, the repair process can be carried out at any time.

Installing an awning process is not simple and requires the knowledge and skills that real professionals have in this regard. With all the advantages of this technology, there are many disadvantages associated with the fact that the awning reduces the working area and prevents the use of long beams and planks from which the beams are placed. In addition, such protection for the home requires significant resources, which are included in the cost of repairs, and make it more expensive.

Because of this, roofs are often repaired and installed with the help of the second option, where the work is divided into stages and performed in pieces. In this case, the work is performed only if it is warm and sunny outside. If it rains, the work stops and the open part of the roof is covered with foil.

What elements are being examined before the roofing reconstruction begins?

In order for the roofing reconstruction to begin, it is necessary to carry out a complete examination of the built-in, mineral insulation and waterproofing. All elements that have reached the end of their useful life must be removed, we change the necessary components and only after that we do the repair itself. If the roof will also serve as a ceiling for the attic, and even the attic itself, then you need to take care of ventilation during construction.

Insulation, slats and beams must interact so that there is an air cushion between them, which will increase the insulation. The optimal value of vacuum ventilation is five centimeters. It is important to maintain this distance throughout the slope. It is necessary to deal with air circulation in the direction: javelin, which will save from autumn leaves and birds, looking for shelter. The ridge of the roof should also be equipped with a ventilator, which is a ventilation outlet that does not appear to be different from the roofing material.

A very effective choice for good ventilation of the space is a wind turbine, the rotation of which begins with each aura of wind masses. This option will be successful for a residential attic, where you can equip the attic. Due to the special features that apply in this room, it is necessary to strengthen the beams.

To stay in the attic was comfortable, it is important to take care of the insulating layer. For a sloping roof, whether it is new or about to be rebuilt, it is best to use fiberglass and rock-wool. It is better to work with dishes in this case, then, like the mattresses, from time to time may begin to hang, which will give cold access to the interior of the room. From modern materials can be distinguished glass foam and polystyrene foam.

The complete list of roof reconstruction work can be expressed as a specific working algorithm, which includes:

  • Work with box. If a complete reconstruction is to be made, then the old structure is dismantled and a new one is constructed. If the repair is partial, then the damaged parts are replaced. Depending on the type of roof, a different step of the slab is formed, for asbestos cement it is 75 cm and for metal tile it is about 40 cm. vapor.
  • The process of reinforcing the grid, for which additional beams are formed, which distribute the weight differently, lending partly to themselves.
  • Work to strengthen the valley and swings, where snow stagnation is most common. With the help of continuous cracking, it is possible to solve possible problems.
  • The process of strengthening the supporting structures ribs arms, bolts, plates, additional shelves.
  • Work to create roof ventilation, which can be done in several ways: creating additional windows on the roof surface or placing air vents around the vent on the outer wall. the air exchange system must be through, so that there is no accumulation of air in the “bags” and its stagnation.
  • The process of insulating the roof with the help of thermal insulation, which can be placed between or under the beams. It is important to install a water vapor barrier layer, which is additionally covered with a finishing material.

Depending on the complexity of the roofing project and its scope, activities may vary. But to create a reliable roof, which can serve as a ceiling for an attic, it is important to adhere to the installation technology in each.

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The insulation of the roof and the waterproofing will increase your home’s duration and will save you from damage and repair costs in the future. Ask for a roofing construction or roof repair free estimate or call us at 9738357775 and design your new roof with the new trends together with an architect.

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