A roof is always in a house something special and architecturally characterizes a building. However, it is also a part of the building that needs frequent inspection to make sure that you will not have moisture problems inside the house. Depending on how the roof is constructed, we can tell if an inspection needs to be done often. Roof repair is the next step after inspecting the roof.

The most basic element of a roof or one of the most basic is the slope of the roof. The steeper the slope the better because that way it has no problems with rain and snow. Of course, all this presupposes that the construction has been done correctly from the beginning. Quite often I am called to do a check on roofs that have problems.

Apart from the usual damage that exists and it is logical, I have also seen a lot of mistakes in the construction of roofs. Some are not just mistakes they are flaws that should not have existed. What to do now for proper maintenance?

Here are some key pointers in moving forward:

  • Check for broken or cracked tiles
  • Check for detached tiles
  • If the gutters on the roof are open so that the water leaves freely
  • If we have inverted beams we must check that their surface is watertight
  • At the joint of tiles with inverted beams there should be proper coverage of the tiles with cement mortar and waterproofing with suitable materials
  • Roof gutters should be open and not clogged with leaves and other materials
  • Where there are plastic pipes, solar panels, roof windows should be very well sealed all around
  • Also in the gutters, the tiles on the right and left should be closed with mud and sealant. I have seen many times to use polyurethane foam to fill the nests of tiles. Polyurethane foam offers nothing in this case.

There are other things we need to check that are more detailed and require knowledge and experience to locate. Call us to do a check on your roof and properly repair the problem areas of your roof.

What to do with your roof repair

1. Roof repairs of the past

In this case there are two possible scenarios. Either the roof has never been repaired or the previous work on the roof has not been done properly. If you belong to one of these categories, do not rush to take measures and decisions. Give NJ Roofers the opportunity to tell you their opinion about roof repair, before you come to a decision. Also, do not get excited about the cheapest solution. The cheapest options are often the ones that cost us the most expensive!

2. Market research, the key to success

A very important factor for the success of any business is market research. When a professional comes to your home and “bombards” you with information, you need to know some basic facts about what you are going to discuss. Put aside the financial part for a while and consider whether every professional is really interested in your problem and needs. Try to understand who really wants to solve the problem and who just wants to sell their services.

3. Maintaining a clean roof

The key issue is obviously roof repair. But in addition to being the roof of your home to perfection, it must also look to perfection. Do not forget, therefore, to ask the professionals, Gikas Roofing what services they offer for cleaning your roof, after the repair work is completed. When their work is completed, all signs of the whole process should have disappeared.

4. Previous work & Evaluations

The photos of previous work of the professionals and the evaluations they have received for their execution, are provided to ensure that you will find your man. Do not forget to consult the profiles of professionals to check the experience of customers who have chosen them. For tasks such as roof repair, you should not be in a hurry. Visit the profiles of the professionals who have sent you an offer, make an appointment and choose the most suitable one for your needs.

5. Cost estimation

For the roof of your house, as mentioned above, you must be very careful with your choices. If the difference between the different financial offers is inexplicably large, you may need to worry. In this case, we recommend that you return to the second step, i.e market research. Examine the options and solutions offered by each professional and choose the one that satisfies you the most!

Gutter repair

Replacing and repairing gutters is a job you should not forget when checking your roof, especially during the autumn and winter months. As they are located outside the house, the gutters are constantly exposed to all the hardships and different weather conditions.

As soon as you see clouds covering the sky but also after every heavy rain, you should check the condition of the gutters. Otherwise the chance of the place not flooding is really very small! If you have not had the chance to deal with this “chore“, Gikas Roofing, is near you! So, contact Gikas Roofing to repair your roof and gutters of your home.

If you have decided to proceed with roof repair or new roof insulation, do not forget to get offers from the experienced professionals in Montclair, New Jersey. Everything you are looking for in your home can be changed and upgraded by Gikas Roofing!

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